Mini lan tester инструкция

mini lan tester инструкция
When cables are run together for even short lengths, a signal from one can bleed over to another. IntelliTone technology automates the testing of each conductor for end-to-end continuity; LED lights and tones clearly indicate miswires. IntelliTone is a breakthrough solution – and the only solution – that locates and isolates the most elusive, hidden or bundled voice, data and video cables and wire pairs quickly and reliably – even on active networks. Для тестирования линий оконцованных розетками типа RJ45 потребуется 2 патч-корда типа RJ45-RJ45 для подключения основной и ответной частью прибора к смонтированной линии. IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Toners make it easy – eliminating the need for a separate diagnostic tool.

Eliminate callbacks during cabling moves, adds and changes with the powerful diagnostic capabilities of IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN. The IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe features a Cablemap capability that identifies common cable miswires in twisted pair cabling. Continuity – Once you’ve located a cable, the next step is to verify cable conductor continuity. One of the toughest, most time-consuming parts of locating a cable has been in tracing its path amidst multiple cables and bundles in wiring closets. Together, the IntelliTone Pro Toner’s synchronized digital signal and the IntelliTone Pro Probe’s microprocessor controlled signal identification technology reject noise and false signals to clearly identify cable location. Перечень неисправностей диагностируемых прибором ограничивается поиском коротких замыканий между проводниками, обрывами проводников, ошибками в последовательности разделки пар и проводников.

Service – Is the RJ45 jack a datacom jack, or a dead jack? The IntelliTone digital signal features a LOCATE tone that provides maximum radiation, allowing you to quickly locate hidden and hard-to-find cabling. SmartTone™ analog mode can be used to isolate wire pairs at an unterminated outlet. Most of these files are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader or Exchange in your system, the icon to the left will take you to the site where it can be downloaded.

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