Инструкция к касио g 1400

инструкция к касио g 1400
Press the bottom left «mode» button to progress to the next part of the date and repeat until day, month and year are all correct. 7 Depending on the model of your watch, if may now ask you to select whether you want 12hr or 24hr time. See «Timekeeping» for more information about manual time setting. • The analog time of this watch is synchronized with the digital time. The stainless steel covering of the MT-G employs G-SHOCK’s advanced Core Guard Structure of stainless steel, resin and alpha Gel® to ensure mechanical integrity, coupled with LED-infused Tough Movement for ongoing precision. Resin Band Metal Band • The watch should not be on its side or facing the wrong way. Если вы не нашли нужную инструкцию к своим часам Casio — пишите в комментариях. Мы, со временем, пытаемся найти все необходимые мануалы. Не можете настроить свои часы Casio? На нашем форуме часов Casio вам помогут чем смогут. The MT-G is the epitome of modern wrist couture.

Because of this, the analog time setting is automatically adjusted whenever you change the digital setting. Make sure there are no metal objects nearby. Свободное общение на любимые часовые темы и не только.

Use the top right and bottom right buttons to adjust. This is your hand set screen. 10 Now hold in the top left «adjust» button for a couple of seconds. The MT-G, Metal Twisted G-Shock, is a completely refined G-SHOCK series crafted at Casio’s Yamagata factory in Japan for select premium styles.

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